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February is included into the period called “cuffing season” when people try to find a couple for stable relationships. St. Valentine’s Day is considered to be the final point of cuffing season. 60% of couples meet each other between October 1 and February 14. 8% of them found relationships in February. 

The week after V-Day is called “Love Action Week” and is characterized with a 63% increase of new sign ups on dating websites and apps. 

Dating activities on St. Valentine’s Day

Successful Valentine’s Day means a sexy Valentine’s Day. That’s why people try to do anything not to stay alone on “the most romantic day of the year”. It is caused by social pressure and the romantic atmosphere made by industries. So, single people feel lonely and want to find “someone”  before February 14. Also, long-term single people are so sick of being alone on that night that they brush themselves down and decide to be pro-active and make a change.  They are highly motivated to use dating websites and apps. 

Research from App Annie shows that more than $4 billion has been spent globally on dating apps in 2021. It’s a 95% increase since 2018. The most popular dating apps are Baddoo, Hinge and Tinder. 

To find the best match between audience and dating offers use smartlink. The best platforms that can help you to attract traffic can be social media like TikTok and Snapchat.

Break-up peak time

Despite of huge amount of romantic dates, three weeks of February are marked with break-ups. Data shows that breakups tend to spike around February 14. But it’s always a good opportunity to look for a one-night-stand lover. 

The heartbreaking act of dumping someone right before Valentine’s Day, because it’s too tight to get them a gift, write a card, or make any kind of fuss. 

Even if people break up, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to go on dates. So, pay attention to those who have changed his status on Facebook or post sad photos and video in their social media. They can be your ideal convertible target audience.