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Dating and adult niches are a never ending opportunity for affiliates. As long as humans look for each other, dating affiliate programs will be always active. Due to Statista the online dating segment is predicted to reach $3.01 billion in 2023, and the number of users to reach the amount of 440.9 million by 2027. Affiliate marketing still is a major source for adult and dating platforms.

  1. Sex-ploration

95% of daters are between 28 and 32 years old. It explains that sex is no longer taboo and they realize the importance of discussing intimate desires and needs in the initial stages of the relationship. 

  1. Love-Life Balance

22% of daters from TIER 1 cities claimed that job positions are no longer used as a status statement, and young daters are more focused on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. People take breaks more often to care for their mental health. 

  1. Modern Masculinity

34% of men from TIER 1 and 2 claim that they tried to change their toxic masculine behavior. For men, it becomes easier to express emotions and break gender roles in dating.

  1. WanderLove

Due to QuackQuack’s survey, 3 out of 7 daters between 25 and 30 prefer to go dating while traveling.

  1. Cuffing

The beginning of a new year is known as the cuffing season in the dating world. More than 22% of men from TIER 1 and 2 say that it is mostly out of loneliness and an attempt to improve the quality of life in the spirit of “new year, new me.”

  1. Non-monogamy 

15% of Gen Z and 15% of LGBTQ+ claim that they are open to non-monogamy relationships. Bumble user data suggests the same, with 16% of the app’s respondents saying they’re now open to exploring non-monogamy for the first time. 

  1. Women go first

Women around the world are taking their power back, especially when it comes to dating. 

And apps like Bumble encourage them to make the first move for a while.

Due to OkCupid information, more than 8 in 10 women said they would send the first message, and it’s benefiting these women. They say such women get 55% more likes and almost 60% matches compared with those who don’t. 

As you can see, this year’s dating niche is going to develop and surely is worth your traffic. If you have any doubts just contact us.