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Today we are gonna talk about what it means “smartlink” pre-landers and why it is crucial to use them together. 

What a smartlink is 

The smartlink is a tool that automatically selects the right offer for each user who clicks on the link. In other words, this is a link that independently distributes all traffic to the necessary offers, including the user’s geo and device. Using smartlink, you can increase your CR several times. 

But why it is strongly recommended to use Adverten smartlink in combination with a pre-lander:

  • to overcome possible domain outages;
  • to avoid complaints about your URL;
  • to “warm up” the audience to improve traffic quality.

What a transit page is 

You might think, “CPA networks use their own Pre-lander that motivates traffic, so why should I create it?” Yes, you’re right, but at this point, we’re talking specifically about a transit page between your traffic and the network. This is a page the user immediately gets when clicking on your link before getting to the landing page. 

Why it’s needed

When you use the smartlink directly, the moderators of advertising networks, such as Facebook, Google, and others, can ban it for questionable content, including offers for dating, gambling, and so on. Pre-lander allows you to hide the domain of such smartlink and get approval for the advertising offer. In addition, you’ll get the opportunity to: 

  • create a personalized solution for your type of traffic;
  • filter out traffic from bots and non-target audiences;
  • collect statistics from the traffic sources you use, if you have several, and analyze them.

You can use additional methods for monetization, such as push notifications, email collection, back button, and others.

Types of pre-landers

There are many types of pre-landers, but let’s talk about the simplest and most accessible ways to disguise the smartlink. 

1) Use shorteners.

They allow you to convert a long link into a short one and hide the smartlink domain. Many services will enable you to do this, both paid and for free. Here are some of them:,,,, 

2) Buy your own domain and redirect through it. 

Examples of services to help: freenom, godaddy, bluehost, hostgator.

3) Use your own hosting.

If you lack the knowledge, desire, or just do not want to spend money, you can use free services. If you have at least minimal skills, you can buy your own hosting and create a transit page yourself. Here are some examples of such website builder services:,, Google sites or blog

4) Use “link-in-bio” services.

One of the most popular is Linktree, but there are others, such as Lnk.Bio, Buffer, campsite, milkshake, and others. Yes, such service may not be a panacea, but creating a short transit page with social profiles will allow you to solve many minor inconsistencies and also allow you to:

  • add multiple links;
  • do link analytics;
  • add icons with a link to social networks or messengers;
  • connect Google Analytics and more.

You can come up with numerous unique solutions and options for creating transit pages. Transit pages work well:

  • through social networks;
  • through dating sites, which are not used in the smartlink;
  • through email services and translators, and more. 

Nothing limits you! Use your imagination because that transit page may be the secret to your successful traffic work.


The effectiveness of traffic monetization depends on a large number of factors. But one of the most important is competent use of pre-lander, which not only allows you to filter traffic and improve its quality but also becomes an additional motivation for users that will increase your profits. And of course, the main factor is the smartlink and the CPA network you work with. Guys from the Adverten team know everything about effective traffic monetization. They use a personalized approach to help you achieve maximum profits from your traffic. Even beginners will have a personal manager. So for incredible CR and high Revenue, hurry up to sign up for Adverten here.