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After Musk’s scandalous Twitter poll and rumors about his intention to leave the post of head of the company, affiliates have to be prepared for huge changes. 

After Elon Musk became the head of Twitter, affiliates felt some kind of freedom. The social network policy has become freer, it has become much easier for affiliates to attract traffic to the dating vertical. If twitter’s leadership suddenly changes the rules might become stricter. But if management really changes, then a period of change could be a great opportunity to attract more traffic before new rules are introduced.

In any case, we have some tips for affiliates on how to survive during changes. 

First, don’t work exclusively with one traffic source. Secondly, do not rush to abandon Twitter forever, wait until the passions subside with the new top management and slowly return to working with traffic from Twitter. Thirdly, you can contact our support managers, they will always help you with traffic monetization.