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If you are going to work a little at Christmas, know that this is the right decision.Christmas holidays are considered to be one of the hottest periods for the dating vertical. While some people go to church or for a family dinner, others can have a good time with other such lonely people.

Christmas as a good time to dating

According to Facebook analysis, 2 weeks before Christmas is one of the two most popular times for couples to break up. For some the holiday season is worse than Valentine’s Day. So they use Christmas time to look for a date. People are willing to do anything to avoid being lonely at Christmas, even eventuel sex. That’s why it’s the best time to use our dating smartlink in Christian European countries and in the USA. This is where dating apps and sites come in. These sites see a surge in traffic. Yes, stated that the festive period is peak time for daters to send flirty emails to potential partners. Some are looking for romantic adventures at holiday parties and corporate events. Durex found that 10% of all couples have sex while wearing a Santa hat.

Others consider festive time as a chance to start a new dating journey. For this purpose they also use dating sites and apps to speed up search for a partner. 

Decrease of porn traffic

It should be noted that during Christmas holidays there is a decrease in visits to porn sites. It is associated with traveling, participating in parties and dinners with family and friends. Yes, due to Pornhub statistics a –40% drop in worldwide traffic from 6pm to Midnight on December 31st. The worldwide traffic drop on Christmas Eve was –32%, while Christmas Day saw traffic drop by –15%. But this trend is observed only in Christian countries. In countries such as Japan, the number of visits is increasing. So don’t hesitate to use this chance to monetize your Asian traffic using our smartlink. 

Christmas sex behavior

According to the Huffington Post, 50% of all couples feel sex is best at Christmas time. 

From one condom company to another, this time leading manufacturer Trojan have conducted research on sex over the festive season. Despite sales being extra high just before New Year’s Eve, they found that more babies are conceived around Christmas than any other time of year.

So, as you can see during the Christmas season you can monetize your traffic in whatever region you choose. If it’s a Christian country, target single people who are likely to look for a partner. If it’s an Asian country, focus your efforts on adult traffic. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn some money this holiday season. And don’t forget to rest as well 🙂