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When it comes to dating, the Germans are different from their French or Italian neighbors. Therefore, if you want to send traffic to Germany, smartlink CPA network Adverten has prepared an article in which we will analyze the features of dating in this country. 

In this article you will get known

  • How Germans date
  • Why Germans a good to be targeted
  • How popular dating apps and sites are popular in Germany

An overview of dating in Germany

Germans prefer dating people within their social circle. Their friends have a huge impact on their choice. 26% of German partnerships come from friendship. 14% of them meet their love at a party, bar, or disco. But according to a survey, every third German uses an online dating service. In 2018 one in five Germans used a dating app or website to meet potential partners.

When a German woman accepts an invitation to meet with a man, it does not mean that’s a romantic date. She might use it as an opportunity to get to know a person better. They can go to the cinema, to restaurants or to a bar. In general, Germans take dating very seriously. If they are interested in a person, they invest a lot of time and effort into the relationship. But for them there are no rules about when to kiss, have sex, or concider there meeting as a relationship.

In general, Germans are an interesting target audience given their high solvency that means you could provide high quality and volume traffic. 

Dating etiquette in Germany

The first thing that we have to know about Germans is that they are very punctual even when it comes to dating. They will not be late for a date without a good reason; in turn, they expect the same from their partner. As a rule, dates are planned in advance which means that a flippant offer to meet will not be well received.

Germans are not good at flirting. If you compliment a German, it is unlikely to be perceived positively, most likely he or she will think that you are insincere.They may not even be aware of your attempts to flirt with them. You kissed goodbye to fluttering your eyelids and twirling your hair long ago because you know this is lost on your straight-talking German.

As for conversation, Germans do not like small talk. They prefer deep conversations. If you try to chit chat with a German it will be pointless for them.

While dating Germans dedicate their time to one person and expect the same from their partners.

Gay dating in Germany

Number 1 for dating same-sex couples is dating sites and apps. 39% of gay and lesbians use them to find someone to date. Only 29% gay Germans find a couple through friends and less than 20% meet a partner in clubs and other places.

In German there aren’t any “rules” of gay dating. But there are two ways of dating that gays practice:

  • doing the „normal way“: one or two dates, kissing at the end of one of them and sex when they consider it reasonable;
  • sexdate first, to check if you and the other gay „matches“ in bed. Second date dinner/cinema/going for a walk…

As gays admit themselves, the most difficult stage is to bring acquaintance to the first date.

As in heterosexual relationships, exclusivity is also accepted among gays. If you are dating a person, then it is assumed that you are the one.

It should be noted that the Germans are very tolerant and accepting people. So gay dating is acceptable and safe type of relationship.

One-Night-Stand dating in Germany

As strange as it may sound, but Germany ranks second in cheating. Yes, 68% of people admitted to cheating at least once in life.

If we talk about one-night-stand dating, then dating apps and sites are the undisputed leaders here. There are a range of sites and apps that can be chosen for any purpose. So, you should definitely try to generate traffic to Germany, because Germans are known for their exceptional love for dating apps.

Adult dating is more common in larger German cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Cologne where there are international singles who are more open to one-night-stand. So you may target your ads campaigns to attract a target audience in those and other big cities.

The Germans make it very clear what they want in order not to waste time.

So, summing up, we can say that the Germans are very slow to enter into relationships and value exclusivity. But if they are not in a relationship, they do not mind meeting for sex at all. That means that targeting the German audience makes sense given their high spending power.