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Когда аффилейт хочет монетизировать трафик, он сталкивается с дилеммой, как сделать это правильно. Есть два распространенных способа сделать это — использовать смартлинку или работать с прямыми офферами. В этой статье мы постараемся разобраться, какой из этих двух способов лучше.


Smartlink — это URL-адрес, который позволяет вам перенаправлять трафик на релевантные предложения с учетом таких данных, как ГЕО, девайс и т. д. Целью получить максимальную прибыль от трафика.

Давайте разберемся с преимуществами смартлинки:

  • Automatic traffic distribution according to country, device, operating system, mobile carrier,  etc. An algorithm analyses this information and shows the user the top-performing product.
  • Automatic offers’ selection in accordance with the type of traffic. This is also where the algorithm comes into play. It selects and proposes the best solutions for particular types of traffic. Remember, that we accept all types of traffic, so there are a lot of ways to monetise it.
  • It saves your time. You don’t have to waste your time on endless split tests and optimisations.
  • You don’t lose your traffic. The algorithm always sends traffic to active offers. If one offer is broken it is replaced with another.
  • Additional traffic monetisation. Smartlink helps affiliates to get extra profit with the help of back buttons, push notifications, etc.
  • Available pre-landers. Forget about splitting different creatives. Smartlink analyses your traffic and sets up the most suitable pre-landers to keep your results high and stable.

Несмотря на преимущества, смартлинка имеет некоторые недостатки:

  • Dynamic payouts. Smartlink includes offers from different advertisers, that’s why it happens when one conversion brings you 2$ and the next one brings $20. To compare results we highly recommend you to pay attention to the indicators EPC & EPM.
  • You cannot work with a selection of particular brands. The exceptions are customised smartlinks.
  • It takes time to find the best solution. The algorithm works with huge amounts of data, that’s why it needs some time to analyse the incoming information to find a top-performing solution. That means that a small part of your traffic will be used on offers that might not perform that well.
  • You cannot work without pre-landers. The exceptions are customised smartlinks

Директ офферы

Директ оффер — это ссылка на конкретный товар или услугу, которая работает в конкретной стране.

There are several reasons why affiliates prefer direct offers:

  • Fixed payouts. You’re always able to plan your profit based on the offers’ payouts.
  • You can work with your bundles. If you like to use your own creatives to build an effective funnel for your traffic, here you can do this easily.
  • Better chance to get a rate increase. If you deliver high-quality traffic to one brand, you have all the opportunities to get a higher payout.

As for disadvantages we have:

  • No automatic traffic distribution in accordance with GEOs, devices, etc. Generally, all products have their own working conditions, in particular GEO, platforms, etc.
  • Lots of split tests. You can have an enormous amount of split tests to find well-performing offers and creatives.
  • Нет дополнительной монетизации.
  • Over capping. If you provide more traffic than the advertiser requires you will lose your profit.
  • Time-consuming monitoring of the market in order to find new solutions.

Как видите, смартлинки и директ офферы имеют свои плюсы и минусы. Это зависит от ваших предпочтений и того, что лучше всего подходит для вас.

If you still have any doubts as to which way is better for your traffic, you can ask Adverten.

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